Welcome at “dutchcostumes” manufacturer of the dutch costume!

From 1927 our business is mainly famous as a famous dutch costume photostudio, where you can take your picture in the traditional dutch costume. Next to our photostudio we also sell and manufacture these dutch costumes. We manufacture the dutch costume for men, women and children. We have all kind and size. 

The dutchcostume we sell is known as the Volendam costume, this costume is very famous and that’s why it is also mainly known as the dutch costume, this is not completely justified because Holland has many different costumes, but this dutch costume or Volendam costume is very colourfull and is not so expensive as the other dutch costumes. 

We are the cheapest manufacturer of the dutch costume, you can buy a adult dutch costume for only € 60,- but we also have handmade dutch costumes or the embroided original dutch costume. Prices of these handmade and embroided dutch costumes you can find on our webshop.(see categories) 

The dutch children costume from volendam is available from € 35,- (very nice) we also have the handmade dutch children costume and the more expensive embroided children dutch costume, you can email us for these prices 

If you want to purchase a dutch costume, you can find us at the adress below in Volendam or you can order the dutch costume on our site, we ship them all over the world. 

On our webshop you can find more information and prices. 

We wish you a pleasant time at dutchcostumes.